‘Ziggo Sports For You’.

This concept is created to enrich the experience of linear (sport) TV. By creating this application new technology features were integrated and social aspects were considered to make watching TV into a new personalized experience. This application can be seen as a replacement of the existing application ‘Ziggo Sport Totaal’.

Authors: Lucia Reiter, Clara Mlozi, Piet Frankefort, Klara Obermair & Heleen van Geelen

In 2016, Ziggo has the largest market share in the Netherlands with 52%, followed by KPN with 29% market share which makes them the market leaders (Albrecht, 2017). Nevertheless, Ziggo’s strength in the industry is its undisputed dominion in the sports category. Ziggo’s largest clientele base are interested in the sports service. In 2015, Ziggo focused on the Ziggo sports brand which exclusively available to subscribed Ziggo users and the rebranding the Ziggo Sport Totaal which available to non Ziggo subscribers. <More business analysis on request>

Live sports is an important reason for linear TV (Kantar Media, 2016). Sports programs accounted for 93 of the 100 most viewed broadcasts in 2015, compared with only 14 ten years earlier (The Economist, 2017). Within this concept we try to play within the development of TV becoming from a passive “lean back” experience to an active “lean in” experience that adapts to the individual needs of a viewer (Liassides, 2015). A change from a pull to a push medium, but still with low effort. An important activating development is the use of second screens while watching linear TV. Over 75% of TV viewers makes use of some form of second screen device (Greenwood, 2014). The most important second screen activity seems related to social needs: texting while watching TV. This is based on five motivations: (1) communication about the impressions of a broadcast; (2) information sharing and seeking; (3) feelings of co-viewing; (4) curiosity about others’ opinions; and (5) program recommendations (Han & Lee, 2016). All five deal with the social aspect of linear TV. Viewers want to share experiences, and in-depth information, with their friends and family (Greenwood, 2014). This main goal, and five needs, are incorporated within the concept. The concept bundles several social features in one place which makes it easy to navigate and meet the end goal of sharing the spirit of the moment in an easy way.




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The app encompasses seven major features, available for every sports game on linear television. The seven features are Match Overview, Team/Player Overview, Game Statistics, Game Highlights, 360 view, Barcode Scanning and Game Voting.

Match Overview: In the match overview the user is able to view the (live)match on their mobile device. The starting time, channel and general game description is included here.

Team/Player Overview: Here the user is able to gain an insight into the current team lineup. For solo sports, this is replaced by an overview of the players.

Game Statistics: When opening the game statistics, the user is able to view the statistics of the game. For football this includes elements such as goals, offsides and yellow cards. These statistics can also be shared with friends (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, MMS and Email).

Game Highlights: The user will be able to view game highlights almost instantly. The speed of which the highlights will be available depends on the connection speeds of the user and of the broadcaster. Each highlight can be shared with friends.

360 View: In order to get a sense of the atmosphere at the sporting event, the user is able to view the game surroundings in 360. The game surroundings can be the football stadium in football or the ski slope in skiing. Ideally, this will be broadcasted live as well but technology as it stands now will most likely result in a delay of a few minutes.

Barcode Scanning: With the barcode scanning feature, the user is able to use their mobile device to scan the television screen in order to gain access to special offers from the game sponsors. The user will be redirected to a webpage owned by the sponsor. The broadcasted game will include a digital barcode or watermark which is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by mobile devices. This technology currently exists and is being practiced by companies such as Digimarc (Digimarc, 2017). This scanning feature adds an element of gamification to the linear tv experience.

Game Voting: After the game has finished, the user is able to vote on their favorite moments of the game and invite others to do so as well (share button). For football this includes elements such as Best Goal, Best Save and Best Assist. The total nationwide votes can be viewed by the user. Additionally, these user votes are incorporated into the match summary on Ziggo Sport (linear television).



According to Nielson´s (2017) 66% of adults between 16 and 34 and even 89% of adults over 35 years watch traditional lineair television However, according to Global Media & Entertainment Center (2013), the TV consumer will be more in control as they “engage in multi-screen viewing. They will consume many streams of relevant and irrelevant data while watching television” (Room214, 2014, p.1).  As such, the target audience of this concept are viewers in the age between 16 and 55. The application wants to address sports enthusiastic with an affinity for technology. The primary persona of this product is represented on the following persona poster:

The secondary persona of this product is represented on the following persona poster:

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