As a form of online and offline leisure, eSports have been on the rise in the past years and consequently offers great opportunities for Breda University of Applied Sciences and media organizations as a domain to educate students for. In terms of potential, the eSports industry’s worldwide revenue has grown from $493 million in 2016 to $906 million in 2018, with a forecasted $1650 million in 20211. Moreover, worldwide eSports audiences are expected to grow to 316 million in 20212, and more locally in the Netherlands to 2.2 million unique viewers3. eSports is in short no longer a niche market in the Leisure and Media industry: instead, eSports seem to be building up momentum in taking up a strong position as a major player (online and offline) within the industry.

Educating future eSports professionals would furthermore be a distinguishing feature internationally (there are few eSports studies available worldwide) and a unique selling point nationally (there are no eSports studies or specialisations available in the Netherlands)

WHAT: Minor ‘eSports Event & Media Management’

An eSport Event Media Management minor organized by Breda University of Applied Sciences (domains leisure, media and games), in collaboration with Hilversum in which students will work on cases provided for instance by VodafoneZiggo. The goal is not to train potential participants, nor really the production of an eSport (we have the game school for that). The focus is on the “running” of E-Sports events and media experiences surrounding it. This ties together Event Production, Media Management, Multimedia Awareness & Broadcasting, Interaction Design, and many more subjects.


This Minor should allow for students who have successfully completed it to conclude their studies with a graduation assignment in the eSports industry. The programme will start with a Crash Course eSports and Media management, building on several elements, such as Imagineering, Marketing, Business modelling, Experience Research related to the eSports industry. During the minor, our students will work on real life cases coming from the industry starting with the media industry (Hilversum) and experience event organizations within the Netherlands before going international. It will often revolve around the creation of new blends between online and offline experiences.

This project will start in 2019 and aims for a running program already in the Academic year 2019/20120. More information and details can be provided upon request. Contact persons, besides Marnix van Gisbergen, are:

Menno de Vos: After studying ‘Educational studies’ at Leiden University, he has worked in education in several roles (from consultant for companies, lecturing, course-organiser, year coordinator, programme manager and (strategic) policy advisor). Innovation, bridging the gap between education and ICT, has been a central element in all his roles. Menno has been a gamer since 1994; going to LAN-parties (mainly playing Quake and other shooters). He spend too much time playing Fifa and Pro Evolution Socces during his student days. Currently ‘Clash Royale’ is his favorite app.

Samuel van Kiel: Samuel is involved in the teaching, design, improvement and implementation of several courses across the curriculum of Breda University’s Academy for Leisure & Events. He supervises undergraduate students with the research they do for their graduation assignments. He is a member of the University’s Participation Council and his own academy’s Testing committee.  For the minor program, Samuel will be lead organizer and guiding students within their projects and research.  In the little spare time he has, he plays Counterstrike and classic games for nostalgic reasons. Currently he is into Twitch to improve his gaming skills.