Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be able to deliver unique experiences, creating a sense of presence never seen before, through a combination of (1) sensory, (2) location, (3) control and (4) interaction technologies. As a consequence VR is being widely adopted across the sport industry for a variety of uses. These usages are among others: (a) to optimize training for players and coaches, (b) to extract player data and scout for talents, (c) to immerse audiences and create characters using VR documentaries and movies, (d) to promote and market sport using VR for instance at trade shows, (e) to increase and reach new audiences by means of new live VR sport broadcasting, (f) to enrich live sport events using VR data overlays and even to (g) transform existing sports into new sports such as VR racing event and AR climbing wall challenges. Read more about concepts created and insights discovered within this project below: