Top Class Digital Design, Initiated by Muziek & Beeld, Media Perspectives and the municipal of Hilversum, connects bright ideas from secondary school youngsters (aged 14-15) with media challenges from different companies. As in 2018, the professorship Media & Sport, provided  a challenge for them to work on. The challenge: help us develop the first Augmented Reality Sport Experience Second Screen Application. The students can approach the challenge by answering (one of) the following questions:

  • What AR second screen content do users want to experience when viewing live sport broadcasts? So what data do they want to receive when for instance looking at a hologram screen next to the television when viewing a live soccer match?
  • How should we design this AR secondscreen content? How should we visualize this content (e.g., infographics, texts, images?), where should we place the hologram menu’s? (near the television, near the point of view)?, and how should we interact with the content (voice control, eye-gaze, gestures?)
  • Can we make it more of an engaging experience? Do you have idea’s how we can create great AR secondscreen sport based experiences? What can we develop what people would like to do when watching sport TV (Quiz? Hide-and-Seek?, Game?)


Welcome students from Gemeentelijk Gymnasium in Hilversum: Thijmen Hartman, David blokland, Jelle boot, Lucas Lenderink, Oscar Valkering en Dennis Groeneveld


The concepts will be presented at Muziek & Beeld on April the 12th. Let us know when you want to attend the pitches.