Media Enriched Sport Experience Concepts created by high-school students within the region of Hilversum. Within the Top Class Digital Design project. Powered by Beeld & Geluid, over 60 students work on cases and challenges presented by companies such as WNF, NICAM and several Dutch broadcasters. Read here more about the 2018 case (Dutch). In 2018 these schools participated: Hilfertsheem College, ATC, Gemeentelijk Gymnasium, College de Brink, A Roland Holst College and Comenius College. For Menses we had the luck to be connected to an inspiring group of students: Harry, Faton, Akke, Joska, Emma and Julie thank you very much.

2018 case: User Generated Commentary

The students worked on the following assignment: “Think of the best type of user generated content that can be added to increase the experience of a live sport broadcast”. Students had to answer three questions: (1) which sport do you think is most suitable to add user generated content?, (2) what kind of user live use generated content is most interesting? and (3) what is the most suitable medium to provide this user generated content?

The outcome: Ziggo Social

Students presented a whole list of possible types of user generated content: friends, parents, brothers and sisters, other sport participants (same or other sport), sport experts, floggers and bloggers, movie stars, comedians, Radio DJ, commentary from another country, hooligans, live audience, coaches, players not selected, and even from people that really do not like the sport. On the 11th of April they had to present the case in front of experts and companies. We will present the case soon here.

2019 case: AR Second Screen Sport Experience App

Click here to read more about the 2019 user case.