Media Future Week 2017: Design for (Sport) Storytelling in a Post-Truth Media World

The goal

Menses aims to optimize mediated and live sport experiences by means of new digital strategies that increases the connection between both. Using strategies such as remediation, interaction, transformation and data enrichment, the mediated and live sport observation should be turned into a memorable sport experience.  However adding digital information to a real sport event by means of f.i. personalized data, new (emotional) stories and narrative structures and characters, brings you also closer to the edge of losing grip on reality. Creating alternate subjective sport realities. How far can and may we go to alter a sport event reality to create a better sport experience? Are we allowed to subjectively (not) inform about or even add content to the real game? We want you to create a media enriched sport experience concept that takes into account as well as argues for the boundaries set and consequences of the transformation of an objective sport report to an entertaining media enriched sport experience.

Back to the roots concept

The first in line is team one that was asked by MENSES to develop a new application that enhances sport experiences. They took this very seriously and went back to the roots of match-experiences. They’ve figured out that people who watch a game for the very first time, need more information than someone who continuously follows a specific sport. So instead of annoying the expert, people can now follow their own stream on their level of expertise. Even a rookie to a sport can understand what’s going on. There are four different levels of expertise’s from Entrance level to noob to intermediate all the way up to expert, where you get the possibility of following the game with all kind of extras like ball speed, angles and so on. Watch their enthusiastic video by clicking the link below.

ZIGGO HUB concept

Team nine got the task to find a new way to enrich sports by bringing new possibilities to people at home. Because people sit at home in their living rooms watching a sports match with only one specific commentator talking about it. Therefore if they want more information, they need to contact a second and maybe even a third screen. This should be made easier and so they created the Ziggo-Hub. This app makes it possible to stream content that is usually not being streamed by the broadcaster, but what is a collaboration between the live spectators and the broadcaster. The spectator makes a live-stream which can be followed by anyone and can be commentated/enriched by, for example, a (YouTube)star. The people that follow that stream, can also interact with each other to make it a shared experience. Watch the full video by clicking on the link below.

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