On the 25th of April the kick-off of the Media Enriched Sport Experience Research class started. All 3rd year students of the International Media Management Course (Breda University of Applied Sciences / IMEM) participated in an applied research activity. The client was one of one the professorship Media Enriched sport Experiences participating companies Vodafone Ziggo. The idea was that all students could apply their research knowledge to a real industry case. After Marnix Gisbergen, professor Media Enriched sport Experiences, presented the goals, challenges and key partners in the kick-off lecture, all 120 students started on their sport experience research projects for a duration of a few weeks

Goal: The goal for the students was help us to understand why and how we can use new technologies to connect live sport events with broadcasted media content of (those) sport experiences to create an increased experience”.

In addition they had to take into account: (1) choice for sport domain was free, (2) focus is on live sport events (connected to) broadcast of live sport events, (3) focus on youth (difficult to reach and engage with traditional television) and (4) take into account that Ziggo and Vodafone just merged (diff business models).

The students were guided by four teacher/ researchers from the Academy of Entertainment (all holding a Ph.D) and started helping them first to transform research questions into research proposals. Students were able to choose among different questions related to Media enriched Sport Experiences, among others:

Concept research

Among others: How can Augmented Reality (AR) be used to increase the experience of viewing (then choose live or broadcasted) sports content? How could the Ziggo app enhance reach and engagement from users while watching sports content? What kind of ‘layered’ content does the (potential) sport audience want to experience via social media platforms, while watching s broadcasted (live) sport event?

Business and data research

Among others: To understand the motivation consumers have in order to subscribe to a paid sports content from Ziggo. To understand the perceived risks concerning privacy in sharing data with TV companies. To analyze the consumer journey in the purchase a sport TV package. To analyze the world of mouth process of recommendation to watch a sport program by millennials.

Sport Experience Viewing Behavior research

Among others: To analyze the choice overload impact in the consumer experience of choosing and watching a broadcasted content. To evaluate what millennials do to enhance the experience while watching live broadcast sports.

Sport Experience Expert and Strategy research

Among others: To understand how programmatic advertising strategies could render more ad impact and at the same time enhance the (broadcasted) sports watching experience? To investigate potential use of AR for enhancing the experience of watching sports content, in the perspective of sport and media experts.

The coming weeks we will share the most important results and insights on the website.

AR research result: “Only when the AR technology is seamless and effortless and the consumer has the option to choose the data he or she wants to see, it can enhance the experience of watching a live sports event”

Second Screen research result:If you would watch a F1 race, would you find the race more interesting if you could follow the facial expressions of Max Verstappen on one screen and the race from the other screen?”: 52% yes, 21% no, 27% does not know” 

Data Privacy research result: “(Ziggo) viewers have little understanding of what happens to their personal data and traditionally television viewers experiences lower perceived risks compared to online viewers. But all are more open towards trusting the company after providing a risk reduction strategy”

The following concept research reports are created (list will be updated):

Millennial Sport Experiences
  • Differences in Word-of-Mouth recommendation by male and female millennials on sports programs
  • Enhance experiences: what do millennials do in order to enhance the experience of watching a live sports broadcast?
  • Social Media Behavior towards sport consumption of Dutch Youth
  • New digital strategies for live broadcast sport events by analyzing the current watching behaviors of millennials
  • How different contexts influence the experience of live soccer events and broadcasts
Mixed Media realities
  • Using second screens to enhance the sport television experience
  • Can apps enhance audience engagement and reach for sports content
  • How can VR enhance the experience in sports media consumption?
  • Using Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance live sport experiences
  • Expert recommendations on how to use AR to increase sport experiences
Business, data & privacy
  • Differences in drivers for buying a tv sports package across different generations
  • Millennial motivations to Subscribe to Paid Sports Content from Ziggo
  • Less intrusive advertising during broadcasted soccer games
  • Perceived risks in privacy in sharing data with TV companies such as Ziggo
  • Perceived risk reduction strategies concerning privacy in sharing data with TV companies
  • Does story trustworthiness impact message outtake?