2019 Research Concepts by IMEM Students for VodafoneZiggo

In summer 2019, over 125 students from Breda University of Applied Sciences started to conduct research in creating media enriched sport experiences for VodafoneZiggo. The assignment was to provide research based consultancy on how to reach Youth with new sport experiences using innovative technology. At the same time take into consideration cultural and organizational changes, such as the merger between Vodafone and Ziggo. This resulted in over 13 research reports, of which the best three presented the outcomes at VodafoneZiggo. The presentation resulted in fruitful discussions and new avenues to pursue to reach and engage youth with new sport experiences.


The research was conducted by 125 third years students of the International Creative business bachelor program at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). It was part of their course Research Methods, supervised by Silke Hassreiter, Alex Martinisi and Miruna Doicaru. The briefing was created by Marnix van Gisbergen (professor Digital Media Concepts at BUas) and Jasper Elsakkers (Senior Content Strategist at VodafoneZiggo). Both Jasper and Marnix also provided guest lectures as a kick-off for this project. The final three ‘best’ projects were also evaluated by Raymond van der Vliet (Director Content and Programming at VodafoneZiggo).


Within a few weeks the students, in groups of max seven people, needed to have conducted a research within the domain of sports with a focus on live sport events (connected to) broadcast of live sport events and aimed at youth. The reports should to clear idea’s for a new concept and recommendations based on the research they conducted. Next to a research report they also delivered a presentation. The best three presented their idea and results at VodafoneZiggo.


The following research concept projects were delivered:

Understanding Experience

  • Understanding experience needs of youth watching live sport broadcasts
  • To what extend does storytelling extend the sport experience among youth
  • Enhancing the viewer experience of Youth watching Formula 1 racing
  • How to increase suspense watching a live broadcast of Formula 1 sport


  • Explore how VodafoneZiggo can utilize the trend of Esports
  • VodafoneZiggo – Paving the way for Esports in The Netherlands


  • Explore new trends for enhancing the experience in sports media consumption
  • Trends that enhance the experience of sports media consumption

New Media

  • Soccer and Instagram stories: creating new experiences
  • How interactive betting can affect a broadcasted sport experience
  • How Augmented Reality might change a sport experience
  • The Influence of Word-of-Mouth on Intention to Consume a Sport Program
  • Giving VAR a voice: enhancing football experience
  • How social media can impact a sport experience
  • The effect of social media on a sport experience


  • How to maintain a steady position in the sports-streaming market
  • How to make sport broadcast so appealing youth want to pay for it
  • Finding the competitive advantage of Ziggo Sport over competitors
  • Examining the motivations of sport subscribers

Soon we will share several of the outcomes of the different reports here online. However some remarkable findings already:

  • Adding positive data (graphs) of a competitor during a Formula 1 broadcast, did not increase viewer suspense”  
  • Interactive AR betting does not interrupt the Formula 1 viewing experience”
  • Game based quizzes during sport broadcasts seem to increase experience”
  • Instagram stories seem to engage youth in broadcasted soccer experiences”
  • Personalize hero’s during a Formula 1 race increases experience”
  • Youth still skeptical about the added value of new media such as VR, AR and AI, to increase sport experiences”
  • On command statistics seem a good means to deal with the need of data differentiation to increase sport experiences with different groups”
  • Social media during sport broadcast important to create social experiences”
  • (e)WOM a key factor to stimulate sport viewing, traditional WOM even more compared to eWOM”
  • Esport within Netherlands needs more professionalism on all levels, to increase reach and attention”
  • The value of adding voice to VAR is increasing peaks and avoiding dips in viewing experiences”
  • Ease of use a main motive to pay for sport broadcast subscriptions”
  • Preference in style of commentary, descriptive or argumentative, differs per type of sport”