Professorship Media Enriched Sport Experiences

Media ENriched Sport ExperienceS (MENSES) is a new professorship established in 2017 and powered by Hilversum Media Campus, ZIGGO and Breda University of Applied Sciences. MENSES aims to create new media enriched sport experiences, by means of introducing innovative digital concepts combining media entertainment and live sport content. It wants to share building stones and blueprints to be accessed in Hilversum. As such it will help organizations to answer the question how live and broadcasted sport experiences can be enriched by means of new digital strategies. By combining interaction, transformation and data enrichment, the mediated and live sport events should be turned into a memorable sport experience.


There were several reasons to start a professorship related to Media & Sport. The first reason relates to (A) rapid development of new (experience) technologies. Technologies that range from wearables to virtual and augmented devices and from data extraction to automated content creation (remediation). These new technologies seem to provide new opportunities but also challenges that make it difficult to adopt these technologies if a safe environment for trial and error is not created in which learnings are not shared. And where new ideas, approaches and concepts are not stimulated by means of creating new multi-disciplinary teams. A second reason deals with the rise of more (B) scattered media audiences. Due to the increase in media (content) it becomes a challenge to reach and engage media audiences. As such media audiences become smaller, which encourages the idea to look for mass customization media strategies as well as using new technologies to connect media with (large) live audience events. A third reason is (C) the transition of (I) media companies from media gatekeeper to full service entertainment production companies and the (II) transition from (the importance of) static sport events to immersive sport experiences. These transitions create new opportunities that will be tapped into by means of combining, stimulating and sharing insights.


The team is a multidisciplinary team that reflects on the one hand the media knowledge and on the other hand the leisure and live events knowledge. In addition the team involves members that are able to create concepts and members able to conduct research and testing especially when it comes to measuring experiences. Furthermore many of the team members have a passion for sport experiences connected to media and games.

Marnix van Gisbergen
Niels Bonenkamp

Martin Walker
Marin Romero
Klaus Hoven
Licia Calvi

Wilco Boode



This is such a great project that allows us to experiment with new technologies to connect live events with broadcasted content to create better experiences and reach youth. And hey, maybe I will increase my sport activities due to this as well, getting emotionally engaged in sport stories and hero stuff.
Marnix van Gisbergen